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A membership software that helps you to build membership business with multiple membership type and selling unlimited downloads and articles with multi categories and create the access limitation for each membership type. egMember can be used for online training website, motivation, forex signals, soccer predictions and more.

Works with customizable multi-tier/ matrix affiliate program and Powerful Bonus Options such as Cycle Bonus, Sponsor Bonus, Level Bonus and Point Reward. Powered with Content Management System, automatic payment & withdrawal, SMS notification, Multi languages and other powerful features.

Product features
General Features
  1. 8 Membership type. Ready with 8 membership type (1 Free membership and 7 Paid membership) with each commission configuration.
  2. Unlimited Download & Article product. Sell unlimited downloads and articles with categories and create access limitation based the membership type.
  3. Powerful Network Options. Works with customizable matrix options, the width and depth can be determined freely (nXn) with Cycle Matrix and powerful Bonus Options.
  4. Powerful Bonus Options. Come with Cycle Bonus, Sponsor Bonus, Level Bonus and Point Reward. You can set them to any amount you wish, set the condition for commission to be paid also set commission in percentage or fixed amount.
  5. Content Management System. Now will be very easy to change the content of your website, using the 'Online Content Editor' you can edit your website content online in Admin Area. So it will greatly save your time and effort, even for ordinary people will be able to edit their website content by themselves.
  6. Email and SMS notification. You can set email notifications and even a SMS notifications to your members notifying their account status.
  7. Rewarding Point. Create offer for your members using reward point, give them any bonus when they achieve some values of reward point.
  8. Easy To Design. egMember is working with smarty template system so it is easy to work with html codes using any standard html editor. You will be able to design easier, add more links or page without any restriction.
    We provide 5 Free Templates in the product package that you can use to beautify your website.
  9. Features Controller. Easy web based administration, all management is done through your browser, come with a complete control for each feature available easily in Admin Area.
  10. Image Manager. Changing images on the website can be a difficult job. But in egMember it becomes very easy using the Image Manager to upload your image or your company logo. Uploading images is no longer done by manually!
  11. Banner Slider. You can place promotional banner images on the front page also in member area automatically, We guarantee that your website will be more interesting!
  12. Ultimate Membership Features such as Upgrade, Downgrade, Disable, Delete, Debit/Credit account balance, Extend subsription, Change Sponsor, Change membership and many others...
  13. Automatic Activation and withdrawal for payment method which supports Instant Payment Notification.
  14. Customizable Membership Subscription. egMember can handle of subscription period such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly. The subscription handled automatically.
  15. Payment & Withdrawal Plugins. An open source code php files which work with Online Payment Processors and various payment through Bank transfer, you are able to create another payment plugins.
  16. Support Multi Languages, you can add any new languages or edit the current language to your own custom language by editing the translation file.
  17. Multi Language Email Notification, such as welcome email, sponsor notification, membership activation, forgot password, membership expired, earning notification and others.
  18. Auto Referral Url with format
  19. Viral PDF to help member promoting through viral ebook marketing
  20. Pages Management. You can create any amount of additional page to your website, it is easy using the Content Management System.
  21. Menus Management. You can also create any new menus to your website and link to the any page content you wish!
  22. Custom Member Fields. Able to add another field for member information, also set the required fields on registration or member profile.
  23. Registration Validation email. If you need new members to confirm their email address by sending a confirmation/ validation email.
  24. Multiple Admin with Level Access. Your website can be maintained by several Admin, and you can specify the level access allowed for each Admin type , so that you can create a team to run your online business activities.
  25. Income Report (Daily,Weekly and Monthly)
  26. Auto Email, Can be used as Autoresponder/ Auto follow up facility to inactive members and active members.
  27. Backup Database
  28. Full Logging & Report System
  29. No limit members quota, support for unlimited members
  30. Member can show photo/upload profile photo
  31. And many more... Such as Add Fund, Internal Fund Transfer, Search Engine Optimization, Live Support, Social and others... Please see the demo Here...

Administrator Features

  • Member
    • Member list
    • Add member
    • TOP member
    • Export
    • Member profile
    • Member balance
    • Member network
      • Personal referral
      • Personal prospect
      • Genealogy tree
    • Withdrawal request
    • Debit / Credit Balance
    • Debit / Credit Point
    • Contact
    • History
  • Product
    • Downloads
      • Product list
      • Add product
      • Categories
    • Article
      • Article list
      • Write article
      • Categories
  • Withdrawal
    • Pending list
    • Paid list
    • Add request
  • Payment
    • Unpaid list
    • Paid list
    • Add payment
  • Email
    • Send email
    • Auto email
    • Sent list
  • History
    • Earning
    • Transfer
    • Member Access
    • Statistic
    • Error
    • Automation
  • Management
    • News
    • Testimonial
    • FAQ Manager
    • Referral banners
    • Content Management
    • Report
    • Backup database
    • Automation
  • Configuration
    • General
    • Network
    • Registration field
    • Language
    • Mailing
    • SMS Notification
    • Payment
    • Withdrawal
    • Miscellaneous
  • Plugins
    • Front page
    • Ban
    • Profile photo
    • Viral PDF
    • Instant messenger
    • Captcha code
    • Brute force protection
    • Mail queue
  • Admin
    • Profile
    • Admin list
    • Add admin
    • Access log
    • Admin access
    • EGN support
    • Log out

Member/Affiliate Features

  • Profile
    • Personal information
    • Change password
  • Account Setting
    • Withdraw information
    • Email notification
    • Profile Photo
    • Instant Messenger
  • Product
    • Downloads
    • Articles
  • Funds
    • Add Fund
    • Withdraw
    • Transfer
  • Network
    • Promotion center
    • Inactive Referral
    • Active Referral
    • Genealogy Tree
    • Sponsor Information
  • Upgrade membership
  • Testimonial
  • Dowloads
  • Support
    • FAQs
    • News
    • Contact Admin
  • Logs
    • Earnings
    • Withdrawals
    • Transfers
    • Payments
  • Logout

Server Requirements

Most of the professional web hosting company already support for our software requirements:

  • Web server with PHP 7.0++
    * Web Space 100 MB ++
    * CURL must be installed and be compiled into PHP
    * Free IonCube loader is required by PHP
    * Php register_globals = Off
    * Cron job in Cpanel
  • MySql database
  • Sendmail or Smtp

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April 28, 2020
Abdul Monem from London:
 EGN is the best company in the whole world. Always supporting after sale, the best scripts ever and so kind to help you in any issue as fast as possible. We have been their Client since 2012, and all our projects are amazing. Thank you for your awesome efforts and professional services. Abdul 

Latest News

August 1, 2020:
egMLM + Advertisement version 1.2  has been released with fix and improvements: - Upgrade of Viral PDF (TCPDF)- Upgrade Smarty Template Engine to version 3.1.34- New function in members area: Apply ePin- Improvement with error & warning logging- Improvement with Captcha Code- Improvement with Sponsoring system- Improvement with feature Enrollment packages configuration- Improvement with time and fix problem with some timezone- Improvement with unilevel genealogy tree- Improvement wi... 
July 27, 2020:
We are glad to inform you that the update of egMLM is available. egMLM version V1.6 has been released with fix and improvements: - Adding new language: Indonesia- Adding new language: Chinesse- Update Smarty Template Engine to version 3.1.34- Upgrade of Viral PDF (TCPDF)- Update GeoIP database- New function in members area: Apply ePin- Improvement with error & warning logging- Improvement with feature Enrollment packages configuration- Improvement with time and fix problem with some time... 
April 29, 2020:
egMLM version V1.5 has been released with fix and improvements: - New payment plugin: Advanced Cash (AdvCash)- New withdrawal plugin: Advanced Cash (AdvCash)- New payment plugin: PayFast - South African Secure Online Payment Gateway- New withdrawal plugin: PayFast - South African Secure Online Payment Gateway- New payment plugin: CinetPay - New withdrawal plugin: CinetPay - New payment plugin: eGift Certificate- Removing closed payment gateways such as ... 
April 29, 2020:
egMLM + Advertisement version V1.1 has been released with fix and improvements: - Fixing problem on direction of membership payment in members area.- Fixing Paypal payment module- New payment & withdrawal plugin: Advanced Cash (AdvCash)- New payment & withdrawal plugin: PayFast - South African Secure Online Payment Gateway- New payment & withdrawal plugin: CinetPay - New payment plugin: eGift Certificate- Removing closed payment gateways such as STP, Simp... 
April 2, 2020:
 COVID-19 is impacting how we all live our lives, conduct business, and communicate with each other, so working from home is a best way to keep safe and still earning money. EGNSoftware offer the lowest price ever! You can get up to 60% discount on purchasing EGN's products. We hope this offer can help you to build your Online Business and keep earning while you Work From Home. We hope that you and your families are staying safe and sound. Stay healthy! ORDER HERE...   Best r... 

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