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 We are pleased to release a new software in lineup of EGN's products: EGN Member to Member Donation software EGN Member to Member Donation is a software (php script) for member to member donations program using Bitcoin that work automat...
A new year is like a blank book, and the pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a successful story for yourself. Happy New Year. Good luck for your business and Best regards, EGN Software
 We are pleased to announce the release of the newest update for product egSuperBusiness + Shop.  This release come with new features: Product categories on online shop New payment plugin: New withdrawal plugin: co...
So glad to inform you about the newest version of egMatrix. egMatrix version 1.4 is available now with improvements such as: - Improvement to work with php 5.4 or higher- Improve the network configuration- Improve database backup- Add Blockchain ...
Because many requests for payments through Skrill or Bitcoin, now EGN will accept payment through Bitcoin and Skrill. Hopefully it could be easier for our customers to make payments. For more information, feel free to contact us through Support Ti...
Arthur Weber from Baguio City:
 After a few months of researching for an affordable network marketing software, we stumbled over a website that offers precisely what we needed. We must try a few weeks to learn how to use the software, we were surprised about the support EGN Software give to his customers. One problem, it was solved the same day. We can only tell to everyone, this software is one of the best and affordable on the market today. Elwin, keep up the good work. Alex Deyto and Arthur Weber 
Product Comparison
Features egPowerline egNetworkAds egSuperMatrix egBusiness egMember egMatrix
Members upgrade (Free/VIP members)
Multi membership type - - - - -
Multi level commissions
Powerline/ Pass-up plan - - - -
Board/ Revolving matrix - - - - -
Advanced matrix plan
Advanced sponsoring plan
Investment - - - - - -
Separate wallet - - - -
Classified ads - - - -
Text ads - - - -
Banner ads - - - -
Solo ads - - - -
Network ads - - - -
Ads bidding system - - - -
Ad credits shop - - - -
Internal support ticket - - -
Mini Blog - - -
SMS notification - -
Content management system
Image uploader
Referral banner manager
Multiple admin
Viral PDF
Auto responder
Custom member fields
Support multi languages
Internal fund transfer
Member profile picture
Downloadable products
Web based administration
Reward point
Auto installer
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