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How egBusiness work?

1. Signup

The procedure for signing up a new customer/member are as follows:

  1. A user comes to the signup page (http://www.domain.com/join.php) and completes a signup form. User is asked to enter their first and last name and email address. They may also be asked to create a username and password and some personal information.
  2. You may add more fields to signup form if you wish.
  3. After completing the form, the user presses the "Register" button, egBusiness will save new member's data on database and this member will be called as Free Member.
  4. egBusiness will send email to new member, Sponsor and Admin about this new signup

2. Payment

After registration new member is processed, egBusiness will bring this member to member area, and asks him/her to do the payment through several payment methods which had been decided by Admin before.

After the member does the payment, egBusiness will do membership activation, which is done automatically for payment method which supports IPN/ Instant Payment Notification. For manual payment method like Bank Transfer Admin must does the activation from Admin Panel.
egBusiness will send confirmation email to Admin if the payment process has done by new member.

3. Granting Commission

After new member is activated as VIP member / Paid member, egBusiness will give commission to the sponsor and upline by adding account balance which belongs to them.

The total of direct sponsor commission, upline commission / level commission can be decided by Admin in Admin Control Panel.

4. The active period of Membership

Membership's active period must has been decided before in Admin Area.
If the active period of membership has expired, member will be brought again to payment page. After member does the payment for the next period, script will activate the member's account again. egBusiness will give commission to sponsor and uplines if it has been decided by Admin.

5. The access of Member Area

Free Member and VIP Member have differences in facilities access which placed in member area. Free Member can't access the "Network" facilities , "Advance setting", "Add New Downline", "Do Internal Transfer", "VIP Products", "VIP Articles" and "Add Testimonial".

6. Sponsoring

Referral URL: http://domain.com/?ref=username

Viral PDF: http://domain.com/viralpdf.php?ref=username

Free Member can't invites new member to join your website. This feature is only provided for VIP member. VIP member can see new members' list that are sponsored in member area, in order to do follow up.

7. Withdrawals

Members commission will paid after them perform a withdrawal request in member area, then Admin should pay/proccess the withdrawal request in Admin Control Panel -> Pending withdrawal

8. Account Deletion

Deleting membership can be done by Admin only. If there is a member who wants the membership to be deleted, he/she must asks the request membership deletion through email or call Admin.


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