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Tutorials in Sales questions:


# Standard License This is the default license given to any product purchase. This license type is not allow you to remove or hide EGN Copyright Notice at your website! # Professional License This license type will allow you to remove EGN Branding or Copyright Notice at the front of your ...

There are 3 types of licenses, Standard, Professional and Enterprise. For Professional and Enterprise licenses are allowed to eliminate Copyright information, while the Standard license is not allowed. Standard License is the default type given to any product purchase, but you can upgrade the lice...

Yes, we serve hosting and domain purchasing to support your business activities, please open hosting page for the details.

You can buy Complete Web Design service on page "Complete Web Design"

Yes for registered/active clients, you will get discount up to 30%. For new clients we give discount only on special event, like promotion period, special offer, or on the occasion of special days. If in our website occurred "discount" writing, it means you have the right to get discount...

Please send the details of the customization through our support ticket. We need to understand it first before deciding to work on it or not, also to determine the cost and the time frame.

For every purchased product, you will get free updates for the product for 1 year. If the period has expired but you want to keep using the latest update of our products, you can buy more time limit of free updates in the client area with cheaper price (40-50% discount ) instead buying t...

Yes. Additional licenses can be purchased in client area. The price is cheaper because you will get 20-30% discount for additional license purchases.

Please wait within 1-3 hours for the activation of your account. But if you do payment using credit card, the process will need more time because we need to wait for fraud review by credit card processor, this process will take 12-24 hours, please be patient for the fraud review process,...

We use 2CheckOut.com (2CO) , one of the best Online Credit Card Processing in the industries. Your confidental information will be kept secured by 2CO  so You do not need to worry over various abuses.

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Abel Fabrice Dedo from Ivory Coast:
 Thank you to EGN Support for their precious help to restore payments functionalities on my EgSuperMatrix website. If you are looking for MLM/Matrix script provider with excellent support, choose EGN SOFTWARE. Thanks! 

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The newest update for product egViral Shop is available. The current version is v1.5 and it's come with features and improvements: 1- Php upgrade - Now supporting PHP7++2- Improvement on general system language3- Improvement with language detection from visitor's web browser4- Improvement on feature backup database5- Improvement on payment processing6- Improvement on error logging7- Improvement on cron task (automation)8- Improvement on binary commission distribution9- Improvement on Pass-Up... 
We are pleased to release a new software in lineup of EGN's products: egMLM - All in One MLM Solution egMLM is a only software that you need to build, manage, control and organize your Multi Level Marketing/ MLM Business. egMLM allow you to configure custom pay plans and compensation rule such as Binary plan, Pairing bonus, Matching bonus, Unilevel matrix, Revolving matrix, Regular matrix, Pool bonus, Reward bonus, Pass-up bonus, Sponsor bonus, Reward point, etc. egMLM is also includes n... 
Save up to 50% with our Year End Sale! Order now... During Year End Session, we give discount up to 50% for selected products. So order now to get cheapest price ever! Best Regards! EGN Software   
The newest update for product egViral Shop is available. The current version is v1.4 and it's come with features and improvements: 1- Fixing problem on delete products for some type of Admin.2- Fixing problem of setting Membership limitation on product's configuration.3- Correcting Courier details on checkout page4- Improvement on Mailling configuration.5- Improvement on SMS configuration.6- Improvement with Blockchain payment plugin.   Download your copy The update is available to do... 
The newest update for product egViral Shop is available. The current version is v1.3, This release come with features and improvements: 1- Improvement on feature "Register downline"2- Improvement on feature "Login Pin"3- Improvement with binary point distribution4- Improvement with ePin system5- Improvement with eCoupon system   Download your copy The update is available to download in your account area and update instruction is available in product tutorials. Please log in to your ac... 

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