Hello, this is Charles over at stage-3 and I wanted to say thanks for all your support. I'm new at operating my business online and boy an I learning something new. Thanks to the support from EGN I was able to get the site up much faster. I have a long way to goand I know I can count on them when I need help. Thanks Guys, Charles Thomas aka....The Mail Man


Charles Thomas



Date: 12/06/2014


Bonjour, Je suis Vinette francois et j'ai crée mes 2 sites internet avec les Script de EGN et je suis très satisfait du produits et aussi du support répond à tous nos questions et ont reçois de l'aide. Encore merci EGN pour ses super Script très pro. Cordialement, Francois Vinette


Vinette Francois

Mantes La Ville


Date: 07/05/2014


It has been a pleasure working with EGN Systems. The systems work extremely well; the Staff have been very efficient, supportive and demonstrate knowledge in what they do. Thank you EGN for all you do.


Kenneth Thomas

Macoya Gardens


Date: 06/05/2014


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Pedro Ortega from Panama:
 I really did not think i will get fast respond when i need help. thanks boys your service is great. Pedro ofertaclub 

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